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Things I’ve learned

imageI’ve learned many things from my parents. I’ve learned not to drink, not around the kids anyways, it only causes them pain. I’ve learned that when I have children, I want to hug them every day and tell them I love them every night. I hear about parents who do that and instantly become jealous seeing as I can’t hug mine without feeling invaded. It honestly freaks me out and makes me feel out of place. My aunt taught me, never fight in front of the kids. Mine always fought and it consistently broke my heart, I was happy¬†when my parents got divorced. I’ve learned not to complain to people who aren’t my best friends, its stressful to hear every day knowing it’s about things you can’t do anything about. What’s worse, is not being able to tell that person anything. I’ve learned to support others opinions and choices, you have no idea how badly I pour my heart and soul into art, just to hear you compliment my siblings when they only do it as a hobby. Not only that, but showing me there’s but not even acknowledging mine when you see it. Seriously, I thought I was a horrible artist until I freehanded something a bit complicated and got it nearly exact without using an eraser. In middle school. I left a picture of a rose on the counter because I was incredibly proud of it… It got thrown away a week later. I’ve learned, to be myself. Nothing makes me more mad than you going out in public and bragging about lies. Even more so, when they’re about me. I know I’m not perfect, thou’ I’m not half as bad as I could be. You taught me how girls should look (blonde hair, blue eyed, tan skinned barbies) so I go for my own look because I don’t want to be like you. You’re so judgmental and unkind, that I hated myself so much I nearly committed suicide. That’s why I love everyone, no matter how big or small.