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Because of you..

Because of you, my child has to grow up not only being a minority, but being a minority with baggage. Because of you, I don’t know if I’m the victim of rape, because I never liked you like that, but you were my friend; and you’d never do that, right? You’re in jail, because of you. Sure, she might have lied, but it was your door that she walked through.. Because of you, my child’s never known her father, and because of you I hope she never needs to. Because of you I often forget that she was created by more than just me, because it’s been just me from day one.. Because of You.
Because of you, she’s not an only child, and I don’t know the things they’ll discuss. Because of you, I don’t know how you’ll be portrayed to her, but it won’t be as a father. Because of you, there’s going to be a stigma that follows All of us. Because people ask questions that I don’t know the answers to.. Because of you, there’s an empty space on my child’s birth certificate, and a void I hope we’ll someday fill. Because of you, I wonder how Prince Charming became another devil in disguise, so quickly.


It seems like summer brings many people looking

It seems like summer brings many people looking for love. I sometimes wish I didn’t have such a hard time facing it. There’s who love it and those who once did. I fall into the “once did… And hates to admit, once will again” category. There’s so many amazing men in my life, but who’s mr. right? Will I accidently choose mr. wrong? There stand before me a few insanely great men. H.C. Who’s the oldest, very smart and incredibly sweet. He always tries to make sure I’m happy and honestly, I tell him nearly everything. When he even begins to think he mest up he makes sure to apologize… Even if it was nothing at all. C.T. Love at first sight, three years ago. He’s a guy I know I can trust and get an honedt opinion from, we never amounted to anything but suddenly a spark came back. When we met I instantley felt I wanted to marry him and that’s never happened with any other guy. He’s sweet but not afraid to tell me that I’m sexy too, he has a way with words and is very open towards me. Did I mention he gives amazing massages? L.J. An ex, actually. He too is super sweet, as in.. He used to write poetry for me and we still are our complete selves with eachother. He’s far from shy and the way he hugs me makes me feel sincerely loved. All of these guys are so amazing; however, there is one more… A.D. he talks about how great our future could be and is almost as sweet as the others… Yet, I know him the least. All of these guys amaze me, and yet, I can’t seem to choose. Luckily, I’ve never had sex with any of them.